Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Winter Blues

Just a poem for a grey rainy Winter day!

I don't blossom in Wintertime
I need the bright light of long days
my body goes bending around
the silence of my soul
my mind starts wandering between
the glow of candles warming up
my quiet dark evenings
drifting away to endless horizons
and sunbathed plains
where space is sharply divided
into colors and shadows
where the days dwell lazily
into the dream filled nights
only my longing for you seems
to grow, grow even more strong
no, I definitely don't blossom
in Wintertime

Frieda Groffy (c)2005

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Universal Woman

poetry from ' The Universal Woman' to be released in February 2006 by Cyberwit Press in India.
I'm the universal woman
with the rainbow colored skin
I bear the pain of all
small little girls
gang raped in the wars
the violated, beaten up women
dying and not knowing why
I'm the fierce, tortured freedom fighter
of all the revolutions
long forgotten and honor denied
I'm the universal woman
humiliated for my color and tongue
persecuted for my beliefs
for my true love for a woman
circumcised in my sexuality
killed in my womanhood
I'm the universal woman
with the rainbow colored skin
mother of the earth
queen of all life
mistress of the moon
the warmth and passion of the sun
the tree of thenderness
the source of compassion
the balance of the world
the universal woman
with the rainbow colored skin
am I
Frieda Groffy (c)2005

Welcome to my blog!

hi, to all my future readers!
this is just a short introduction of myself. I'm a Belgian poet, performer and journalist. On regular base I will publish poetry, column's and short articles on it, which will give you all an idea of my view of the world and the society we live in today. Whether you'll agree or disagree feel free to share your opinion with me.
I am open and willing to discuss on an equal and fair level, won't tolerate dirty language nor racist or intolerant expressions.
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