Friday, April 14, 2006

A Poem for Good Friday*

I'm not a religious person
but today when I watch the
raindrops fall from the trees
I think it's like nature weeping
for the death of a good man
and I feel sadness in my soul
today, in a time that all over the world
good men, good women and innocent
children die in senseless, useless and
unnecessary conflicts and wars
because of the greed of modern Pharisees
claiming to do so in the name of whatever
the name of the god they say to worship
I can't feel any forgiving in my heart for them
only hope god's wrath will be upon them
to erase their evil minds from the earth

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Sun shining, Spring finally at the doorstep! Easter Holidays and my granddaughters sleeping over- went to the Market- enjoyed the crowd- bought a Brussels wafer with cream and ate it sitting on a bench with our face in the sun-
bought new flowers for the window pane and they just look beautiful and colorful, like my house is smiling all of a sudden-
got some nice mails in my box from friends all over the planet- and some phonecalls inviting me for lectures and poetry readings- wrote a poem today also and in the afternoon we enjoyed pancakes - what more can one wish to feel happy- what more can one wish to call it a WONDERFUL day!
happiness can be that simple sometimes!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Cindy Sheehan vs. Congresman Kingston!

Peace vs. War!
If someone calls Cindy a 'beatnik' and a 'nutcase'- how incredible low-valued as a human being can you be then?!
Even if you don't agree, there should at least be 'respect' for the honest fight, the pain and the sorrow not only of Cindy but for the thousands of American, Iraqi and Afghan mothers who mourn their beloved children in an unjust war based on lies and greed, not on necessity!
The cold disdain of this warmongers enrages me, but within your stupid arrogance mr Kingston you are not aware that calling a woman like Cindy Sheehan, who up to you looks like ten feet tall, make this names medals of honor. So being a grandmother and a mother from a peace minded European country I feel extremely great to call myself then a 'nutcase' and a 'beatnik'!
Sleep well mister congresman, hope the cries of young, wasted and devastated lives will not hunt your dreams!