Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Last year when I visited my sister in upstate New York- (we hadn't seen eachother for about 30 years) it immediately felt like coming home. Not just the people in the house but the house itself seemed to welcome me, like an old time friend. It was as if the house morphed into a 'living' warm, material thing. It embraced me with its friendliness so it started to inspire me as a poet with the following poems- hope they can project some of the joy I felt to who ever is reading them!

coming home to a home that
welcomes you with a hug
where love is the rule and
inner warmth the side effect
where you're surrounded by
a treasury of books and
artifacts are the keepers of
the African heritage in pride
and the courage of the people
of the First Nations is honored
where the memories of 2Pac
and Malcolm and Martin Luther
are cherished and so many more
where they serve you soul food
cooked with creative genius
where lifestyle means generosity
respect and sharing
where the angels smile at you
and the rhythm of life
has the beat of a jazz tune
coming home that way to the home
of my chosen sister is like a precious
diamond that will never loose its shine
and in a house like that a common object as simple as a kitchen table becomes inspiring!
The Kitchen Table
there she is in a corner
of the warm open kitchen
the nerve center of the house
always clean never cleared
receiving on its surface all
the incoming and outgoing
communication of the people
surrounding her, using her
standing by her, sitting close
to her after they conquered
their own little space to put
a plate on top of her, a glass
a cup to enjoy breakfast or
supper with family or a friend
we became mates, the table and I
while reading the morning news
sipping my cup of green tea
the dog's head resting in my lap
the perfect place to start a new day!

Monday, May 15, 2006


Two faces of women
two faces of mothers
wearing marks of grief
wearing veils of pain
wearing scars of loss
coming from different worlds
bearing the burden of
different conflicts
one from Palestine
one from the USA
united in their strenght
united in their struggle
united in their hopes
for a more peaceful world
I hold their hands and
inside weep with them
for I'm a woman
I'm a mother
they are my sisters

for Fadwa Barghouti & Nadia McCaffrey

Sunday, May 14, 2006


For thousands of mothers this years mother's day won't be one of joy and family togetherness, but one of sadness, of sorrow, of bitterness for the loss of so many promising children lost in useless, senseless conflicts all over the world.
As a mother and a grandmother I mourn with them!
And more then other years I will count my blessings for having the love of my children and grandchildren surrounding me and warming my days!
It has been a contemplating period lately, words and phrases were crawling around in my brain and soul but it was difficult to put them on paper.
But it's funny how life always seems to try to make up for things- bringing the balance, so this week , call it coincidence or not I met a wonderful poet and activist on the cyber highway- Jayne Stahl. She's the founder of 'Writers at large' and she is doing a great job! and especially in these tough times it feels so good to find a soul and mind on your frequency-every time again a 'happening' like that gives me a new energy boost to keep on keep on going on!
Thanks Jayne for crossing my path!
Within an hour I'm off for a bowling party (not for Columbine!) but for family celebration!- every 'strike' will be a winner for love!